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Our editorial, production and publshing are designed to help authors who are commissioned by other publishers OR who want to publish themselves. Maria Hampshire Carter applies her first-class editorial skills to all manuscripts, at a quality that matches and often exceeds those of the major publishing houses (for whom she also writes inhouse style guides!).

These are just some of the diverse range of books I have worked on in recent years. Click the cover images for more information.

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We have been working within and for the publishing industry since 1985 and now, in 2018, we fulfil two roles:

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 Publishing yourself – or with another publisher

We are unique in as much as whatever your project you will deal with just one friendly adaptable professional throughout the entire process. This is Maria Hampshire Carter – the owner of Swan & Horn and an expert in editorial process and production (and publishing), and in biomedical information from the basic -ologies to clinical settings and public health, from first concept to final publication (and anything inbetween).


She aims to make authors feel at ease throughout the publishing process by providing extensive expertise and knowledge, a second pair of eyes, a guiding hand and a listening ear.



Nick Savva AS Psychology 9781909675148




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2. As a publisher of healthcare books.

1. As a provider of expert publishing and editorial services for non-fiction and fiction authors; and

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What's more, from first draft to final polish, you will receive a level of attention and engagement that far surpasses anything to be found in today's DIY publishing environment and when engaged with a large publishing house. Whatever the genre and subject of your book – fiction or non-fiction –  we can help you. Find out more by clicking on a button below.

Publishing with Swan & Horn – Our titles


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