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Services for authors of non-fiction books

Swan & Horn supports authors from all walks of life in preparing their written work for submission to an agent or publisher, or to self-publish. Those who approach us are looking for efficient, high-quality editorial input and close collaboration with a professional who understands their aims and the message they are trying to convey, and applies best editorial standards and practice throughout. Maria delivers all of that, ensuring clarity, consistency and accuracy of all content.                                        

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  • Copy editing

  • Technical editing

  • Development editing

  • Proofreading

  • Indexing

  • Language editing for non-native speakers

  • Repurposing of content for different audiences


  • Typesetting

  • Layout

  • Page and cover design

  • Data display

  • Illustrations

  • Paper printing

  • Digital printing

  • Project management


  • Summaries and key points

  • Special features

  • Cover content (blurb)

  • Promotional copy

  • Re-writing from source material

  • Author biographies

  • Repurposing

  • Spelling, grammar, syntax

  • Clarity, readability and consistency

  • Logic and flow of argument

  • Diagrams and labelling

  • Layout, navigation and headings

  • Prelims (copyright and pages, contents acknowledgements, forewords, prefaces)

  • End matter (indexes, appendices, glossaries, author bios, references, resources bibliographies and text citations)

  • Quotations, extracts, citations

  • Lists, boxes, questionnaires and forms

  • Copyright, plagiarism and libel issues

  • Data management and display

  • Diagrams, graphs, charts, tables, photographs, graphics and captions

  • Units, statistics, equations, mathematical and chemical symbols

  • Specialist nomenclature

Editing services

Writing services

Production services

All services address the following

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