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This course text is now widely used in clinical settings across the UK, with courses being run up and down the country. It comprises a Handbook for participants and a Trainer's Manual) that work as stand-alone reference reading texts or for delivering courses on human factors in healthcare and patient safety. They are written primarily for workers in the health services industry, particularly the NHS, and explore the limitations of human cognition and the everyday factors governing the interactions between real people in complex organisations.


The Safer Care books aim to prevent these unnecessary tragedies by examining the factors specific to hospitals that allow such errors to arise, including the psychological factors affecting doctors and other hospital personnel and the problems inherent in the hierarchical structure of the health system.



We all know about the mental health crisis in our schools. The government fails to deliver solutions, despite their best efforts, and the health services cannot cope. Suicide rates in the under-8 age group are on the climb, and our teachers are still locked into one of the most stressful professions of our time. The implications are enormous. Half of all mental health problems are common conditions. They are the second largest cause of sickness absence from work in the UK. Most disorders have their origins in childhood, where schooling is a significant factor. This book is unique in exploring the synergy between the academic disciplines of mental health and education and focusing on both learners and the leaders of learning. This book is a new approach to these problems – it gets the health profession talking directly to the educationalists, for a collaborative approach to the melting-pot situation in schools. It eradicates the "silo mentality" and empowers the leaders of learning to deal with their stress and the mental health and behaviour problems they come across every day in their learners. It also addresses the complex dynamic found in educational settings, between those who teach, those who manage them, and those who are taught.

The phrase "the pissing evil" was first coined by Thomas Willis, physician to King Charles I in the 17th century, to describe the disease diabetes. The author of this fascinating book, Professor Tattersall, breathes life into the long history of this foul disease, with its foul symptoms and even fouler remedies. Through 3000 years of despair and discovery, from ancient Egypt to the glory years of the 20th and 21st centuries, when insulin arrived on the scene, our understanding of the complications blossomed, and patients can now largely monitor and manage themselves.


Tattersall’s first biography of the disease was written for Oxford University Press, but Swan & Horn has given him a platform for his long-awaited, controversially titled, 500-page opus, far more suited to this staggeringly complex story. The book is essential reading for all specialists of diabetes – both patients and clinicians alike.

This superbly crafted satire combines established fact with whimsy, the Big Bang Theory with Planet of the Apes, as world-renowned Scottish anthropologist, Professor Gordon P. McNeil, explains his take on our anatomically peculiar human species, with our two-footedness, non-opposable big toes, flat-faces, large skulls and brains, and – as the title suggests – capacity for football! When Man first stood upright and tottered about on two legs, every step forward was a kick … and the rest, as they say, is history. This glorious romp through the “ologies” spans the Earth and the eons to reveal our astonishing football past and present, from the archaeology of Orkney and the Forth Valley, the physics of the “mession” particle that facilitates binding of ball and foot, the neurology of chanting and psychology of refereeism, to our robotic future – Robo passiens.


Science fact, science fiction and football – a winning combination!

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