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Safer Care: Human Factors in Healthcare 


It is a sad but little-known fact that thousands of patients die or are injured each year in the UK while under the care of doctors and surgeons in hospital. The reason is avoidable human error. The Safer Care course books are aimed to raise awareness among healthcare professionals about "human factors", mostly psychological, to improve communication and task performance and prevent these tragedies.


This course text is now widely used in clinical settings across the UK, with courses being run up and down the country. It comprises a Handbook for participants and a Trainer's Manual that work as stand-alone reference reading texts or for delivering courses on human factors in healthcare and patient safety. They are written primarily for workers in the health services industry, particularly the NHS, and explore the limitations of human cognition and the everyday factors governing the interactions between real people in complex organisations.


The Safer Care books aim to prevent these unnecessary tragedies by examining the factors specific to hospitals that allow such errors to arise, including the psychological factors affecting doctors and other hospital personnel and the problems inherent in the hierarchical structure of the health system.


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