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We also support authors who are commissioned by other publishers or who intend to self-publish, dealing with subject areas far broader than our own publishing remit, including non-fiction, literary fiction, children's books and poetry. In all cases, we apply first-class editorial and publishing standards to our authors' manuscripts, bridging the quality gap between today's off-the-shelf services and those of the quality publishing houses. Once again, our authors deal with a single person from first draft to polished manuscript, and receive a level of attention that is absent in today's DIY publishing environment. If you long for a level of engagement you associate with publishing houses of the past, or simply need advice and reassurance about the publishing process, then Swan & Horn is perfect for you.

These are just some of the self-published books we have helped produce

in recent years. Click the cover images for more information.

DSCN0746 FIONA FOXALL image randis prize robert mcluhan 11 abc book 11 Cover Image_600by800 SKULL null seeking trials in surgical research Patrick Mitchell

A book that every education professional should read given the ever-rising pressures they face in one of the most stressful professions in the UK. It addresses pressures from the education system above, within the teaching environment itself, and within the classroom setting, especially in terms of the increasing numbers of children and young people with diagnosable mental health disorders. This hugely complex situation demands a collaborative approach from both health and education professionals.This book does just that, and offers hope of finding real, practical and longlasting solutions.

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We are a small independent non-fiction publishing house, who proudly maintain the highest editorial and ethical standards. Being small makes the publishing process far more author-friendly, efficient, relaxed, rewarding and pleasureable for everyone involved.

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 Publishing yourself – or with another publisher?

LOGO shoreline SAFER CARE Human Factors in Healthcare COURSEBOOKS

The "pissing evil" is, of course, diabetes. It was known by this apt name in the 1600s. This book is the most comprehensive history ever published, covering over three thousand years of social and medical history, documenting the story of the people who suffered and those from all walks of life who tried to help them. It is a fascinating story of a foul disease with even fouler remedies followed by certain death until just a hundred years ago. It is for all experts on the subject of diabetes – historians, clinicians and patients. Click here to buy now.

  • Our authors deal with just one person – the Publishing Director, Maria  Hampshire-Carter – from first concept to publication and beyond to launch events, marketing and promotion, resulting in an unparalleled level of continuity and a unique Author-Publisher relationship.

  • We avoid making a distinction between conventional publishing roles, so  that our work-flow is not restricted by interdepartmental machinations. This frees our projects from extended run-in times and protracted schedules that are typical of larger publishing companies.

  • Our authors are involved as much as they want with every stage of the publishing process, including the areas that are usually "off limits" such as cover design and blurb, marketing and promotion.

A V A I L A B L E  T O  B U Y  N O W

Nick Savva AS Psychology TRACEY for website first page authors we have help

This superbly crafted satire combines established fact with whimsy - the Big Bang Theory with Harari's Home Sapiens. It is for all scientists who love football, and all footballers who love science. The Author, with a bit of help from Irvine Welsh, has created a world in which our anatomically bizarre species (flat and levered feet with non-opposable big toes, narrow pelvis with long legs hinged below, big heads and brains with flat-faces and sloping brows - all manifest as Homo Passiens and our capacity to play football (and other bipedal sports)! It is crazy, informative, funny and seriously believable.

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    In collaboration with …


We are proud to be working hand in  hand with the

Reward Foundation who are dedicated to providing

realistic age-appropriate sex education for

school-aged children. They also address some

surprising and worrying truths about the impact

of internet porn on our youngsters. For more

about the growing problems with porn, click here

to look at Gary Wilson's highly acclaimed book

on the subject.

RF3 jpeg cover 9781909675148

Finally a realistic parenting book for BUSY families living in modern Britain.

Dr Ben-Ari’s down-to-earth approach provides concise, easy and effective tips for use in everyday family situations.

The tips don’t treat “the child” or “the problem” in isolation, but view them in the context of the family as a whole.

Using just one tip a day will make a lasting difference towards achieving a balanced, less stressful home-life.

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C O M I N G   S O O N


Most of us spend far too much time sitting, especially at work, leading to all kinds of back problems. With this novel approach, you’ll learn to engage with your brain through simple training, allowing you to “smartly “sit for as long as you like, to eliminate or improve troubling back pain.

If you are looking to publishing with us, drop us a line about your book on the Contact Form.