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Mental Health & Well-Being in the Learning and Teaching Environment

Edited by Colin R. Martin, Mick P. Fleming and Hugh Smith

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| 400 pp | 72 illustrations |

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About the Book

This book is the first of its kind. A reviewer for Schools Weekly said it is a 'book that every educationalist should read' and that 'there is nothing [it] on the market'. Read the full review here.


While examining the synergy between the academic disciplines of mental health and education, it focuses on both learners and those who teach in the context of the whole school, the staffroom, the classroom and the individual, and covering all stakeholders, including policy-makers, and the complex dynamic between those who are taught, those who teach, and those who manage. The text encourage teachers, lecturers and trainers to deal with their stress and also their learner mental health and behaviour problems faced every day.


The content is structured around three key questions:


   1. How can we support students and teachers who experience difficulties within the

       educational setting?

   2. How does this affect their learning and wider relationships?

   3. What can we do, as colleagues and educators, to help?


What makes this book unique is that it is the first book in which educationalists collaborate with mental health professionals and researchers to find a common language and unifying framework from which to explore realistic, practical and longlasting solutions to this serious and escalating situation.

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About the Editors

Editor-in-Chief Professor Colin R. Martin currently based at Hull and Bucks universities, is an internationally renowned chartered research scientist, a chartered health psychologist, and a registered nurse. He is Honorary Consultant to the Salvation Army, and Director of the Institute of Mental Health. Due to his diverse academic and clinical interests about the interface between mental health and physical health, he has published some 250 scientific papers, written 80 book chapters and authored 15 other medical books, with several more on the way. He has a proven ability to view complex issues from multiple perspectives, and to streamline the knowledge and experience of experts from  diverse disciplines to stimulate collaboration and identify solutions.




The research of Dr Mick P. Fleming focuses on mental Illness, psychological assessment and teaching and learning. He has published approximately 50 research articles and has several book chapters to his name.  He spent many years in mental health nursing and researching into schizophrenia and psychosis, and  has received national awards for his work on evidence-based psychosocial interventions. Former Associate Professor of Mental Health at Edinburgh Napier University, he is currently an Honorary Nursing Consultant to the NHS and works for the Department of Education, Sport and Culture on the Isle of Man.




Consultant educationalist Hugh Smith is a former head teacher and university lecturer whose career now centres on learning and teaching of educators. He champions the importance of mental wellbeing in education settings, and was instrumental in creating the first masters degree in Mental Health and Education in the UK (for which this book is the course text). With extensive experience of postgraduate learning for teachers, he works with groups like the Learning Directorate in Local Authorities Government. As a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, he is on the TEAN advisory board, and reviews papers for the journal Professional Development in Education.

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Elephant in the room MHWB teacher educators teachers trainees

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