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We  believe that digital books have an important place alongside traditional books, and we aim to provide our publications in various formats, rather than forcing our diverse types of readers into making a choice. Among the publishing technologies we offer are:


  • Print-on-demand (PoD) versions

  • Kindle versions (for all Kindle devices)

  • EPUB (e.g. Sony, Nook, Kobo)

  • PDF downloads

  • Conventionally printed paperbacks

  • Conventionally printed hardbacks

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Publishing with us


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Our publishing aims

Because of our remit, we cover diverse subjects and areas, such as:

  • Brain and behaviour, psychology and mental health (including maternal wellbeing and child development)

  • Occupational health (especially mental health)

  • Neuromodulation of body processes and physiology (e.g. immune responses, hormonal  

          responses, drug responses)

  • Genetics and evolution

  • Behavioural science, anthropology and sociobiology

  • Medical sciences, medicine, nursing and surgery and clinical practice in all specialties

  • Professional learning and child education

  • Pharmacology and drug therapy

  • Research and analytical methods

  • Ethics of science and medicolegal issues

  • History of medicine

  • Modern taboos: power/vulnerability, failure/success, sex, drugs, death, gender issues, race, cultural norms, abuse, stigmatism, money, religion


Swan & Horn's Archive and Permissions Policy


Swan & Horn has a “green open access” policy and is committed to Open Access, to ensure that the interests of their authors, editors and other contributors are respected, to archive their research and other output and enhance its visibility. To this end, Swan & Horn permit authors of chapters, books and reports to self-archive a published (digital PDF) version of their work in their own academic or clinical institutional repository. There is no fee for this. However, as copyright for published material is held by Swan & Horn, this material cannot be printed off and/or distributed freely, or reused in whole or part within other publications without explicit permission of the publisher.


To obtain permission for reuse or distribution, of any of our published material, contact us by clicking here.

We are looking for books that address individual, organisational and social factors in healthcare practice. This would include academic and educational texts, personal philosophies and social commentaries.


Fresh perspectives and multidisciplinary approaches to old issues are welcome. We favour books that apply a scientific approach or incorporate science into to everyday issues, particularly those with health and healthcare implications, as well as a strong evidence base and robust ethics.


All in all, we want to produce books that stimulate collaboration between disparate groups, for example, academics and clinicians, that foster curiosity and debate, that eliminate silo mentalites, and that make complex subjects accessible to non-academics.

"We want to provoke thought about the big picture as well as the small, to educate both broadly and specifically, to offer fresh insights to a wide audience and to foster  curiosity."

Maria, thank you – this is more feedback than I received from Hodder Arnold in the whole course of writing "The Honey Diet"! 

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