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Most of the literary fiction authors who come to Swan & Horn – novices or otherwise – want their text to be expertly edited, and more often than not they want a helping hand with other aspects of getting their book published. They sometimes need their work to be proofread, an index to be compiled, or a file loaded up onto Kindle. Swan & Horn can do all these things and much more besides, and our services are personal in the truest sense of the word, tailored to your specific needs. Your content will receive more focused attention than most independent service providers are able to give.

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 nur·ture [nur-cher] v.

 to support and encourage; to bring up; to help grow; to develop; to cultivate.

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... and nurtures the author ...

There are many different kinds of editing, at many different levels. A Real Editor is capable of handling them all, from line editing to development editing, engaging totally with the whole work as well as the details that make up the whole. This includes the overall structure and plot, timelines and characterisation, pace and tone, and the technicalities of the language – but never at the expense of the author's craftmanship.


An editor's initial distance from the story is used to best effect – as a critical reader – to spot inconsistencies, errors in continuity, character behaviours and motivations, any ambiguities or gaps, and identifies points when certain pieces of knowledge that are firmly entrenched within the author's mind need to be outlined more explicitly on the page.


As time goes by, the attentive editor "learns" your story, your characters and your voice so well that you will engage on an entirely new level, which is when the book really flourishes. What is more, when your editor is experienced in every aspect of publishing, you benefit directly from their understanding of the bigger picture, gaining insights and making inroads you would not normally have access to.


Above all, when you know your book is in the hands of an expert, you can relax.

With a Real Author's Editor, you will feel supported in every way, every step of the way, no matter how long the process takes, because this type of Editor engages wholeheartedly with you and your goals, as well as the printed word. You will never feel as if you are on a conveyer belt and you will never feel alone. This kind of Editor also recognises the need for space at times – the benefit of working with hundreds of authors, and the pressures they face both with the book and outwith the book.


A strong rapport usually develops between the Author and the Editor, based on trust, respect and a deep understanding of what authors feel and go through during the publishing process. What results is the most fruitful of working relationships, in which the Author's needs are paramount. The Editor becomes a dependable point of reference, who responds to your smallest concerns, and reassures and motivates you through the mechanics of making the book and beyond.


Above all, a Real Author's Editor shares everything with you, technical aspects, and emotional aspects, the boredom and the thrills, the seemingly endless rounds of checks and the “I never want to look at it again” moments, as well as the breakthroughs and eureka moments, and ultimately the sense of fulfilment.

A Real Author's Editor ...

If you are seeking the kind of editor who sticks with you from beginning to end, who knows what it takes to achieve your publishing goals, then read on. One of the unique features of Swan & Horn is that you will deal with just one person from start to finish – not a series of people dealing with each task in isolation. Maria Hampshire-Carter is a dedicated all-round multi-skilled, multi-experienced publishing professional who is able to support you at every stage of the publishing process, and beyond if required, into your literary career. A "real" author's editor establishes a critical but supportive old-school relationship with the author, and collaborates for as long as required, whether on a single book or a series of books, or those that emerge several years down the road. With the disseminated structure of the modern publishing industry, editors like these are very hard to find.

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