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Swan & Horn support highly driven individuals from all walks of life in preparing their written work for submission to an agent or publisher, or before embarking on self-publishing. The writers who come to us are seeking efficient, high-quality editorial input and want to collaborate with a critical academic friend – a professional who understands their goals, the pressures they are under (not just with their book), the significance of the message they are trying to get across, and the ins and outs of editorial and publishing practice.  


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The very high editorial standards we uphold mean your content will always be accurate, unambiguous, consistent, clear and easy to understand, with spot-on spelling, syntax and grammar. It will also be perfectly prepared from a technical point of view whether it is designed for print or digital publication (or both). Whatever service is provided, we address with equal care:

  • Individual text components: subsections, parts, volumes, appendices, indexes, footnotes, bibliographies, reference lists, quotations, subheadings, lists, boxes, tables, reports, forms, captions, photographs, clinical material, illustrations and graphics, data displays, equations, and symbols. 


  • Specialist knowledge: qualitative and quantitative research methods, statistical, chemical, mathematical and biological nomenclature and principles, legal terminology, and medical, surgical and clinical terminology and principals. 


  • Audience targeting: tailoring of material to one or more specific readerships, to make it fit for purpose, with or without jargon as required, and pitched accordingly in terms of concepts, argument and tone, with the aim of guiding, educating or provoking. 


  • Legal and copyright issues: such as permissions, plagiarism and libel.


  • Confidentiality: to individuals in clinical images, case reports and clients, and of sensitive information surrounding the project. 


  • Multimedia and tie-ins: such as courses, exam material, websites, online resources, CDs and DVDs.

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Swan & Horn provides authors with a unique opportunity to deal with a single person from start to finish, with a specialist who is as competent with the technical aspects of your content (drug names, biochemical nomenclature, Linnaean classification, statistical analysis, anatomy, research processes) as designing a book, improving image resolution, or print buying. The material is only ever edited by Maria Carter, who becomes a specialist in your subject, and applies this as she engages with (or constructs) tables, graphs, illustrations, diagrams and other displayed  features, the hierarchy of headings, the visual presentation, cover imagery, index and  promotional blurb. This is good in so many ways, allowing tailored project plannning and and the ability to resolve issues with heightened sensitivity to the content; this is in stark contrast to a conventional publishing house where the dozens of people are involved in putting the book together, all of whom are simply passers-by at a conveyer belt and have not time to engage with your content or the nuances of your aims.